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We believe in Africa, and opening up our home to the world with wide open arms.

We have meticulously chosen and prepared every aspect of the Safari Club to honour the very best of the African continent.

Our grounds perfectly reflect the space and freedom that Africa offers. With perfectly manicured lawns, swimming pool, pub and braai (BBQ) area, the Safari Club offers everything you could ever need in the most tranquil of settings.

Our 16 rooms accommodate all travelers, from the solo adventurers looking to explore, to families creating unforgettable memories together.

Life in Africa is lived slowly, with intention. We offer free wifi to keep in touch with your friends and relatives across the globe, yet we have also curated a selection of movies and board games so that you can fully disconnect and relax.

Our media room is filled with books, DVD’s, wildlife documentaries, couches and a work station to ensure that no matter how far from home you are, you always feel right at home with us.

Our entertainment areas are ideal for meeting people from all different cultures from across the globe, and evenings here often end in lifelong friendships.

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